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  Revolution, She Wrote
by Clara Fraser
Introduction by Joanna Russ

An encyclopedic yet personal exploration of the meaning of socialist feminism, the power of Marxist theory and working-class feminism, and the highs and lows of an activist life. Through columns, essays and speeches spanning 40 years, Clara Fraser addresses diverse topics including women's leadership, the interconnections of racism and sexism, homophobia in the military, electoral politics, and her own and others' battles for job rights and free speech. Meet a woman revolutionary for all times!

$17.95, 400 pages, ISBN 0-932323-04-9

Contents - Introduction by Joanna Russ
Sample Essays - Fighting Words on the Humanity of Marxism

About Clara Fraser

Woman's Journal
The News Tribune

Here's what readers say about Clara Fraser and Revolution, She Wrote:

"Clara Fraser is serious about creating a better world for the disenfranchised. She is fearless, tireless, and was always there when the going was tough. When you look into her eyes, you can see the sincerity and commitment. She brings out the best in others just by her presence." AARON DIXON, cofounder and Defense Captain of the Black Panther Party in Seattle

"All I said was that Indian people have a right to a reasonable quality of life. Within six months, I was looking at 35 years in prison and had eaten enough tear gas to permanently clear my sinuses and thought processes. Our struggle was eased through Clara's efforts. . .and became a lot more fun. She generously shared contacts and resources, observations and humor. She now gives us insight into the experiences that make her wonderfully unique. If you didn't get the license number of the truck that hit you on your way to equality and respect, read Clara's book. . .she got the number." RAMONA BENNETT, Puyallup Tribal Chair, 1970-78, and leader of the tribe's armed occupation of Cascadia Juvenile Center

"Clara is the most fearless, courageous woman I know. . .and the most radical. I admire anyone who'll face the opposition with sleeves rolled up. With bare fists and stunning intellect, she fights for feminism." DON McGAFFIN, veteran television newsman and commentator

"Clara Fraser is one of the smartest, cleverest, wittiest, most literary, but most of all, most courageous women I ever met. She comes through these pages as if she was standing there before you, beautiful, laughing, waving you in, and shaking her fist. Not to read Clara Fraer's book is to miss a good piece of the American experience of the 20th century." FLORENCE HAMLISH LEVINSOHN, author of HAROLD WASHINGTON: A POLITICAL BIOGRAPHY and BELGRADE: AMONG THE SERBS