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Red Letter
Red Letter Press publishes radical books and feminist writings on socialist theory, race liberation, queer activism, and radical organizing. Our books explore the ideas, experiences and history of women, people of color, sexual minorities, workers, immigrants, Jews, youth and elders, the disabled, social-issue activists, radicals, and others whose voices and viewpoints are generally ignored by commercial publishers.

We focus on works that advance human rights and combat prejudice, that educate about civil liberties, inform on international issues, analyze social problems, explore progressive political theories, and encourage dialogue and critical thought.Our mission, as a non-profit small press, is to create attractive, readable, and low-cost publications that can change the world!

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Or write to: Red Letter Press, 4710 University Way NE, #100,
Seattle, WA 98105 · Phone (206) 985-4621 · Fax: (206) 985-8965.

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